Helping people to improve psychological well-being & flourish


Mental Health Therapy

Dr Ingrid Bacon adopts a person centred approach to address the unique and diverse needs of each individual. Her practice is informed by cutting edge research and more than 17 years of clinical experience.


Research projects in the areas of mental health, including: substance misuse and co-dependency.

Educational Talks

Mental health related talks, seminars and workshops to address a range of educational needs.

Clinical & Research Supervision

Clinical and research supervision to mental health therapists in practice and researchers, informed by current evidence and clinical developments.


Living like chameleons - coming soon!

Drawing on more than twenty five years of experience as a mental health therapist and researcher, Dr Ingrid Bacon examines the complex issue of codependency. Through conversations with people who identified themselves as codependents, based on her clinical experience and research, Ingrid demonstrates how people can build a better sense of self and live a more balanced, fulfilling life.

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About Dr Ingrid Bacon

Dr Ingrid Bacon is a mental health therapist, researcher and educator. She has more than 16 years of mental health clinical practice. She has been helping people to learn and make positive changes to their mental health well-being. Her vision is to support people with psychological needs to reach their full potential and flourish. She uses an integrative and eclectic approach to her practice, which means that a number of theories and frameworks are adopted to suit the needs of her clients.

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